A few rules

by Dan

T-2 so time to think about a few ground rules. Not a complicated list of rules of course, that wouldn’t do at all!

I’ve had a think and I think these should cover it:

1. One act of simplification each day, no more, no less
This is an experiment as much as anything else, so I want to see if one act a day is sufficient to achieve material benefits. Equally, does one a day get too hard after a certain period of time? By sticking to this rule I will find out.

2. Keep it simple (you saw this one coming!)
Ok, so me being me I will want to get clever with this in due course, but in the early days I want to keep it simple. If this is going to be something that anyone can do, and is supposed to make life easier, then it can’t mean several hours a day of head scratching and an army of people to implement. Short, sharp,and snappy is the aim.

3. Keep blog posts regular and short
I want you to follow this journey with me, but I don’t want it to be a burden to do so. Regular, easy reads are the order of the day. Please feel free to give me feedback on this point in particular!

4. Action first, theory second
Whilst I will happily share all sorts of ideas, theories and inspiration along the way, I deliberately want to leave deriving theories from my results until a later stage. I believe it will be possible to categorise simplification types, and benefit types, and even create a process to do this, but I want real life results first. I am a theorist by nature so I am deliberately going out of my comfort zone here!

That’ll do for now I think, I can always add/amend as I go! Getting serious now, I’m actually going to do this!