Day 2 – Inexpensive Wallet Lightening

by Dan

Day 2, and its fair to say that during the last 24 hours I have had to strongly resist the urge to spend an hour going through my deleted emails and unsubscribing a chunk of them! Yesterday’s simple Daily Act of Simplification was hugely motivational. I will however stick to one a day.

Unsubscribing another email would have been easy pickings but, as variety is the spice of life, I thought overnight about something different for today. While I was gathering my things to leave the house this morning, my complexity-busting radar turned its attention to my wallet. It’s wasn’t a big wallet when I bought it, but it has somehow become the size and weight of a house brick. I knew for sure that it wasn’t an abundance of cash spilling out of it (I wish!) so what on Earth was in there?!

So today I decided to turn it upside down, empty the contents and go through it. I grouped the contents into 3 piles. 1) Things used regularly that I need to carry around. 2) Things I use occasionally/rarely but still want to keep. 3) Things that are never used. The results are in the photo below from left to right respectively.


There are usually a few receipts in there too, but I had cleared these out earlier in the week, so today I found:

£6.10 cash (definitely category 1!)
27 non-cash items including bank cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and stamps.

Of the 27 non-cash items the 3 piles contained:

1) 9 frequently used cards
2) 13 items that I need very infrequently and don’t really need to carry everywhere I go
3) 5 items that were utterly useless

Category 1 went back in the wallet, category 2 is going in my bedside cabinet drawer where I can easily get them when I need them, category 3 went straight in the bin. The whole process (including taking the photo) took 5 minutes.

The headline benefit is that I have reduced the non-cash contents of my wallet by two thirds. This means less weight to carry, less sifting to get to the card I need, and less of an impact if I were to lose my wallet. As with yesterday’s post there are some further benefits I can foresee. When your wallet is the size of a brick, it doesn’t very easily fit into a trouser pocket. That means you have to have some other way to transport it about (jacket, bag, mule or Sherpa). In summer in particular, when large pocketed garments aren’t on the highly desired list, this can be a pain. I am now looking forwarded to a less encumbered summer…. when it eventually arrives!