Day 3 & 4

by Dan

I have been travelling with work with a full itinerary for the last two days of this week, so I have attacked my emails again. Easy pickings, but still good bang for my buck. Day 3’s was an online clothing store who send me emails pretty much every day. Day 4 was another sporting goods retailers, again emails received most days.

The experience of unsubscribing was very different for each though. The clothing store just let me click on a link in the email and all was done. The sporting goods retailer made me log into my account (a process which involved them sending me a new password as I had no idea that I had one in the first place!) and find the “email” setting and change the drop down from “yes” to “no”.

All done though, and now I am receiving a total of 4 less emails a day which is really starting to be a material benefit.

We have a long bank holiday weekend coming up, so I look forward to tackling some bigger stuff over the next 3 days!