Day 5 – a bigger job and a new rule!

by Dan


As promised, it’s the weekend so time to tackle something slightly larger. I am ashamed to say that since we moved house 6 months ago, the above has been the filing system I have deployed for my post. This set of strays are in desperate need of some simplifying action! Approaching this task however, led me to consider something which has led to a 5th rule for this project. The distinction needs to be made between the Daily Acts of Simplification and what I will call regular maintenance tasks. Take washing up for example. The execution of this task definitely makes things simpler. The dishes are cleaned and put in their place, and the kitchen is a simpler place as a result. However, it needs doing every day and this would be a very dull blog if I allowed this sort of thing to count as my one-a-day! What would count is if I could find a way for plates never to get dirty again in the future, rendering the task unnecessary. So general cleaning and tidying, whilst absolutely simplifying in it’s nature, doesn’t count for this process.

The above monstrosity does count however, as it is now a project needing permanently fixed. Once done, the maintaining of order will become a regular maintenance task.

So it took about 2 hours, but order has been restored. About half of it was filed, and the other half is off for shredding and disposal. The next pic shows how it is much better!


Aah, another weight off the mind, and it feels really good….however…I am now staring at two empty trays…that picture would be a lot simpler if there was only one tray or no trays at all… It brings to mind some theory that I will need to dig out to refresh my memory on the subject which may lead to further simplification of this picture…..hopefully tomorrow…stay tuned!