Day 6 – Simplifying the Simple

by Dan

I found the piece of theory I mentioned yesterday, but it gave me an idea of something I can simplify at work this week, so I’ll save it till then.

Today, I thought further on yesterday’s task and on how I could further simplify my filing arrangements. By rethinking my post sorting and actioning process, I have been able to throw the orange trays in the bin.

Now, when post arrives, I will open it and decide what to do with it. If it needs reading or something doing with it then I’ll put it straight in my work bag and read/action on a morning train commute. If it’s for the bin it’ll go straight in, and if it’s for filing it’ll be filed.

Hmm, you might be thinking “that’s all well and good but give it a week and you’ll be throwing it all in a pile again, or making some other area of the house more untidy!” I know, I’m thinking it too, but I am hoping that if I am determined then new good habits will form. I will let you know how I get on!