Day 7 – Finishing the Unfinished

by Dan

For today’s task I built a wardrobe. And when I say “I”, I mean “we”. And when I say “we”, I mean that most of the work was done by my Dad and Brother, the flat-pack-building crack team. For this task to be executed simply, I needed to enlist help – DIY is not my forte!

So why is this simplification? We bought the wardrobe several months ago from a reputable Swedish furniture retailer, and once we got it home, there it sat. For months building the wardrobe has been on my virtual to-do list, nagging away at me as each weekend passed without completing it. The unopened boxes gnawed away at my conscience. So it was a complication in my life, the ridding of which makes things more simple.

“Finishing the unfinished” is, in my mind, a classic simplification technique. I will keep my eye out for any other opportunities to do the same.