Day 9 – Subscription Review

by Dan

Subscriptions are a great thing – things you like to have regularly appear on your doorstep automatically, and the payment is made just as easily. They are also a great thing for businesses too because people often don’t get round to cancelling them when the product ceases to be of value.


Until fairly recently I have enjoyed a subscription to a website that sends you a box of snacks, directly to your door, every week. They are nutritious and offer a great alternative to reaching for a chocolate bar or crisps when you get hungry throughout the day. For those of you who know which website I am talking about, I do have to say that for a lot of people their service represents a very elegant solution to the snacking problem. However for me, recently I changed my daily routine and have been craving snacks a lot less and so I’ve been consciously trying to remember to eat them to prevent them going to waste. So…today I cancelled it. Less to think about and saves me £14 a month.