Day 10 – First look at the ‘book

by Dan


Social media is a wonderful thing. Never before have we been so interconnected. You can be in touch with people in all parts of the globe, at the same time, at your own convenience. It is this interconnectivity and social structure that separates the human race from other animals, despite being born into the world with less ability to survive independently than most household pets. Through our social structures and ability to communicate and learn from each other, we have evolved into the magnificent species that we are today. A monkey can imitate a human behaviour, but it can’t teach another monkey how to do the same.

Facebook needs no explanation. It is probably the most popular social networking tool at the current time, and usually the easiest way to keep up to date with people, interests and groups that you are interested in. Seemingly limitless flows of updates can be generated, and the danger is paralysis by information overload. It can literally take over your life.

I do like Facebook, it is a very simple way to keep in touch with people who are important, and get up to date information on the things I am most interested in. I am aware however that it takes me longer than I would like to scroll through all of the updates, particularly when mobile communication signals are weak or non existent. So today I have “unliked” a group which posts regular updates that I just skip straight past without really reading. Plenty more pickings in that particular apple basket I reckon!