Day 13 – “Unfriends”

by Dan

I learned a new word today – “unfriend”. How tragic sounding is a word like that?! To be unfriended must be a milder form of getting “dumped”! You can click on an “unfriend” button in Facebook to shoot an arrow through the heart of any acquaintance that has lost your favour. I don’t want to look through my friends list and work out who’s unfriended me lest I spend the rest of the day sobbing in the corner!

Only joking, anyone can unfriend me if they wish, as long as it makes their life simpler then it’s ok by me 😉

I did click on the dreaded button today though. In my Facebook feed I got an update from the group that I unsubscribed to the other day. This caused me some confusion until I realised that I had managed to “friend” them as well as subscribing to their group page. Mystery solved, I found and pressed the button. Updates begone!