Day 15 – Reducing Unsolicited Phone Calls

by Dan

Yesterday afternoon my mobile phone rang. It was a number I didn’t recognise – an unsolicited marketing call. I have been getting these fairly regularly lately, often investigating a missed call just to find it’s junk. Another example of someone I don’t know trying to have control over my time!

In the UK there is a service called TPS that is free to use, that will register your number and make it a breach of regulations for an unsolicited marketing call to be made. Due to the varied nature of the business, and specificity of the regulations, this won’t stop unsolicited calls completely but it should significantly reduce them.

You can find out more and register here:

In the US the equivalent is:

You can register multiple numbers too. For businesses the rules are slightly different but the service works for companies too. The main difference is that businesses need to re-register annually – worth noting if you have previously registered and have seen a return of unwanted calls.