Half Way to a New Habit?

by Dan


They say it takes 30 days to form a new habit… So after 15 Daily Acts of Simplification do I feel as though I am halfway to any new habits?

It’s always worth stopping to reflect, so on the train this morning I’ve had a quick think.

I have certainly become more precious about my own time, and in particular people I don’t know wanting to take up chunks of it. A lot of it has been of my own making – subscribing to groups and newsfeeds, failing to check the right box when online shopping to prevent marketing emails, failing to unsubscribe to mailing lists the minute an unwanted email comes through. I am certainly a lot more discerning now about what I subscribe to, and I always look for the “no emails” check box. Complexity Avoidance is certainly a good habit to develop.

I have had to hold myself back from unsubscribing to multiple emails a day because I really want to find out if harmony can be restored one step at a time. A new habit has definitely formed here.

The filing exercise on days 7 & 8 worked a treat, and I am pleased to say that I have kept this in perfect order so far.

The emails/calls/social media has certainly presented itself as the low hanging fruit of complexity in my life and I am already feeling the benefits of the compounding of small improvements in this area. Going forward I want to use more simplification techniques more regularly. Can a “simplification mindset” be achieved that will keep that drive towards elegance flowing in perpetual motion, and prevent the recurrence of complexity, clutter and distractions? Let’s see!