Day 23. Data + Backup = Peace of Mind

by Dan


I’ve known for a long time that I should back up my electronic data regularly, its simple common sense. But when was the last time I actually did it? Erm….. On my business laptop I actually never had. Oh dear! It’s been on the “mañana” list for a long time, nagging away quietly at the back of the mind. So when I had a couple of close scares recently, that quiet nagging became a full blown panic. Last week I had the laptop completely crash and wouldn’t power on again. Today, I had the dreaded “blue screen of death” that many laptop users know only too well. Fortunately, both incidents were fixed and no data was lost. With my new simplification mindset I decided to take action straight away – as my laptop is clearly nearing its latter stages of life it was only a matter of time before the unthinkable became a reality.

Also, with the simplification hat on, I asked myself the question: “So if the worst had happened, and I lost everything, which items are the ones that would really cause me a problem?”. The answer was quite simple – anything relating to my current activities, my email archives and a few key reference documents. So I plucked up the courage, deleted the rest, and backed up what was left. This also meant that the backup took half of the time that it otherwise would have.

I now have a clean, organised, backed up hard drive, and much more peace of mind. Ahhhh!