Day 24 – Paypal cleanup

by Dan


Pre-emptying that fact that future Daily Acts of Simplifications will involve removing things from my house, and some of those items could be recycled in a way that could generate some cash, I have become aware that my EBay and Paypal accounts have been gathering dust and my details are probably way out of date. So today I’ve sorted Paypal.

First I asked myself the zero-based thinking question: “Knowing what I now know, would I have opened a Paypal account in the first place?” I answered “yes” so then asked the supplementary question “So what isn’t simple about it?” My answer was that my details are out of date, it references the wrong bank accounts and it has retained about 9 different variations of my address which need to be scrolled through when I want to buy something. It was suffering from a combination of non-use and neglect.

It’s amazing how much red tape, bureaucracy, and rigmarole are involved in updating Paypal details, but I guess as a payments system that is a target for fraud some of these measures are necessary. It took a while but we got there in the end with a combination of online amendments, emails and faxes. Phew, hope EBay is easier!