Day 27 – Running Free

by Dan


I love to run. I’ve taken part in a number of races and events up to and including a few half marathons. I love the freedom of running and the meditative effect it has on the mind. Unfortunately though, while training for a marathon, I got injured and had to have a 10 week break. No need for the zero-based thinking question here – I have missed it and have been itching to get back.

One of the things I noticed during my break, was just how much running stuff I have. From the clothes to the gps devices, to energy gels and drinks, backpacks, bottles, iPod holders etc etc. Thinking from a simplification point of view, I’ve been wondering if I can trim this gear somewhat. There is however a place for a lot of this stuff. You do need to think about hydration and fuelling, you do need to carry certain things with you for comfort and safety. So how to go about this?

Today was my first proper run back, so as an act of simplification, I decided to go minimalist. Shorts, t-shirt, trainers and that was it. 6 1/2 miles of the challenging West Highland Way in Scotland with a good friend, very hot day, and a wonderful setting. No baggage or clutter, just running free. This is why I got into running – body, land, and a quiet mind. Even got to jump into a pool to cool off!

I am not yet sure whether I can permanently ditch some of my gear, but I will consider this further and certainly cover some of my runs in a minimalist way. Unencumbered running is definitely a simple pleasure!