Day 29 – The Road Less Bowled

by Dan


I am a keen Tenpin Bowler, and for the last few years have enjoyed playing in a league one evening a week as well as a few tournaments and the odd practice session. This season I picked up an extra league to fill a spot in a team who lost a member early in the year. However, this meant I was bowling on a Monday and a Tuesday evening. The evening leagues involve getting home from work on time, spinning on my hooves really quickly to get fed, watered and changed, and heading back out of the door in time for league. By the time I get back, it’s very much bedtime. Whilst I do enjoy bowling, this routine meant that the first free evening in a week that could be used to fit anything else in (or indeed just chilling out!) was a Wednesday, and everything seemed to back up giving us very little free time. I began to resent it slightly as this extra commitment tipped the balance the wrong way. It was also £50 a month that could be put to other uses!

Last night was the last week of the Monday league so today I have officially taken the decision not to partake in that one again next season. By focussing on one league I think I’ll enjoy the game more, and the extra free evening at the start of the week will really make a difference to my commitment/free-time balance. I can always go for a practice if I get the urge, but not having that extra commitment will make a huge difference to my week!