Day 34 – Spice is the Variety of Life

by Dan


34 days in and I actually had to have a think about what to simplify today. Aside from a number of unwanted emails still to nuke (I’m trying to save these for when I’m on holiday so that I can keep the daily progress while I am away, and keep up the variety until then), I’ve nabbed a lot of the low hanging fruit already. I will soon have to up my game!

It didn’t take too long however for my beady complexity-seeking eyes to focus on the spice rack in the kitchen (or “spice corner”, which would be a better description!). More spice than rack. Space for 12 jars in the rack, but 16 jars were in and around. A simple process of binning those near the sell by date, and chucking the older of any duplicates, and the remaining 10 fitted tidily within the rack, bliss!