Day 36 – Finishing the Unfinished II

by Dan


Way back on Day 7 I got some help in to build a wardrobe that had been sitting in its flat pack for a few months, and discovered that “finishing the unfinished” is a valuable life-simplifying technique. In addition to making things more orderly, it is as much the weight off of the mind that brings the benefits.

There was one last flat pack to be completed from that particular shopping trip – a chest of drawers. I had to wait for a free few hours for this one as to finish this was like completing one of those slidey tile puzzles. Something had to move to be able to move something that needed to move to accommodate the chest of drawers that needed to be built! Albeit a biggish job, I was particularly excited about completing this task as it holds the keys to future simplifying. I will now have the storage that I intended to have when we moved into our house, and should now have a place for everything we want to keep (some of it is still in a heap in the spare room waiting for a home).

A particularly satisfying day’s work – the flat pack is now gone from where it was gathering dust, the bedroom furniture is now all in its place, there is now scope for further de-cluttering, and there is one less “to do” on my mind. Aahhh!