Grey Mail

by Dan


As a Hotmail user, I received an email today from Microsoft telling me about the perils of “Grey Mail” and introducing their new tools to help deal with it.

I hadn’t heard the term Grey Mail before but it describes a lot of the emails that I have been ridding myself of – newsletters, daily deals, marketing info etc etc. Apparently the average user gets around 15000 emails a year of which 80% are Grey Mail. I am not sure how they do their statistics, that does sound like a hell of a lot, but the message is clear. Also the 80/20 rule rears its wise head again!

Personally, I am looking to completely remove as much of this Grey Mail as I can, but for people that get value out of receiving it and want to manage it better then the new Hotmail tools look really useful. A video introduction is here:

Equally, if you are totally swamped by your inbox then this could be a very good place to start!