Day 48 – Buying Simple

by Dan


Way back before Day 1 of this process, I wrote about how complexity sells. Products become more feature-packed and complex because that’s what people want to buy.

When our washing machine packed up this weekend, it provided the perfect opportunity for me to take my own advice and buy simple. We toddled off to the electrical store and browsed the extensive range of washer dryers. Flashy lights and led panels were in abundance, and lists of features that were simply staggering. I was intent on finding a machine that did what we needed it to, as simply as possible. It needed to wash and dry, and that’s it. Some temperature options, and dry cycle times we’d find useful, but over and above that any additional features would be useless. A quality brand was preferred to so that it stood a chance of lasting a few years.

After a good look at the range there was really only one that fitted the bill. A good brand, perfect size, simple operation and no whizzy features. The benefit was that it was a great price as well, and I reckon it’ll last a while as there’s a lot less to go wrong with it.

We got it home, plugged it in, turned it on, and as if by magic, clothes were being washed!