Day 49 – Cufflink Cull

by Dan


Today’s Daily Act of Simplification was a simple thing but one that led to a surprising amount of satisfaction.

I was getting changed this evening and hanging up my work clothes and with my simplifying hat on I considered this aspect of my wardrobe. I was pleased with how simple but effective my work wardrobe is, apart from one detail. I wear a suit every day, so I have a couple of suits which I rotate. I wear a white shirt and have the minimum number of those I need to rotate also. I wear a plain, brightly coloured tie, and have 5 of them so I can wear a different colour each day. For each tie I have a pair of cufflinks that matches pretty well. Excellent! The detail that was not quite in keeping with this, is that in addition to the cufflinks that matched each tie, I had a couple of dozen other pairs that I had acquired over the years. Pairs that matched shirts and ties long since deceased, gifts, Christmas cracker prizes, freebies with shirt purchases, you name it. So I had a good culling session. I kept the aforementioned tie-matchers, and a few pairs that hold special value due to being important gifts or holding special memories, and the rest went in the bin.

I mentioned before that this simple exercise was surprisingly satisfying. This is for two reasons. Firstly I realised that I would save valuable seconds each morning groping around in my bedside drawer for the cufflinks I want, but the main reason was the realisation that my work clothes are at a stage where they are as simple as they can be. It wouldn’t be possible to take anything else away and for it to still function as well as it does.

Einstein said “Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. This means that simpler is better until you get to the point where taking something else away would actually make it worse. My work wardrobe is the first area of my life to get to this optimum, elegant point. Very satisfying!