Day 53 – Pocket

by Dan


I came a very useful app today. Pocket (formerly Read It Later) allows you to save web pages, videos etc into one app for offline viewing later. I regularly come across links to interesting pages from emails or my Twitter feed (I follow lots of success/motivation/wisdom gurus), and rather that look at them all in detail at the time, I like to finish viewing the high level updates in one go, and do the reading later. Previously I would have loads of open tabs in my browser, which would stay open until I had finished with the page, or I would mail myself the links for later viewing. With this app, by “bookmarking” the content as I come across it, it gets saved in Pocket where it can be read at my leisure. The bonus is that it can be viewed offline so I don’t need an Internet connection, which is ideal for flights, trains, remote holiday locations etc.

As I am adding an app to my collection, I thought I’d be good and delete one as well. An increase in productivity for no increase in resources. Smug-mode on!