Days 58-74… The Plan

by Dan


A glorious two-week break has just begun. We are off to the wilds of Scotland for a fortnight for some much needed R&R.

This means that there will only be so much within my control for Daily Acts of Simplification, but I am very keen to keep it up so I have a plan.

This whole journey began because of an idea that popped into my head on the long drive back from our last holiday. The amount of time and energy I wasted trying to operate my mobile communications and social media, from areas of zero to poor signal, was staggering and I vowed to take action not to let that happen again. The idea then spread to everything in my life, trying to make things a lot more simple, and time a lot more fulfilling.

So I am interested in two things:
1. Are things better this time around? My mindset has changed to understand how these distractions occur and to avoid them. Also I have done a lot of work to reduce the amount of unnecessary information that flows my way. In theory things should not be half as bad.
2. What are the things that still crop up that are trying to divert my attention or distract me? How much of this is required at the time, or can wait till I get home versus pure junk?

Provided I can get enough signal/wifi I should be able to nuke any of the latter that comes my way, and I’ll commit to at least one per day that I am away.

I will post updates as regularly as I can to let you know how it is going!