Day 73 & Agatha Christie

by Dan


“The simplest explanation is always the most likely.” ~ Agatha Christie

One of the greatest murder mystery writers of all time ventures that the simplest explanation is always the most likely. I wonder if that was true in her novels where the identity of the perpetrator was cleverly hidden until the end? She makes a good point however, and the sentence is a summary of the widely known concept of Occam’s Razor.. This concept has its fans and it’s detractors, but it is what I would call a good rule of thumb. The simplest explanation is the most LIKELY, even if it is not the BEST explanation in ALL cases.

The simplest explanation of today’s Daily Act of Simplification is that I ran down my list of friends on Twitter and unfollowed any that were providing content that didn’t fit with my current purpose for using it. Twitter has long been my “cleanest” social media feed, so I only had to chip away a couple and it is now exactly where I want it.

The holiday is unfortunately rapidly approaching the end (boo, hiss) but I am looking forward to some chunkier simplifications at the weekend!