Day 75 – Toiletries Down The Pan

by Dan


Aah, home sweet home! As well as being a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday, keeping up the Daily Acts of Simplification has made a dramatic difference to the quantity of electronic information coming my way. Checking my social media feeds now takes a fraction of the time it did before, and I get many fewer emails. By the end of the holiday it was very noticeable how less frequently these feeds were nudging me for my attention. I still get quite a few emails that I’ll continue to cull, but my Facebook and Twitter are now nice and clean, and further tidy ups of these will now be Regular Maintenance Activities and therefore out of scope for Daily Acts of Simplification unless I come up with something more radical than just subtracting content.

The target for today’s Daily Act jumped out at me as soon as I unpacked from holiday. As I pulled my washbag out of the suitcase and started to put the contents back into my bathroom, I considered that the bathroom was already really quite full of stuff, yet I had survived quite happily for two and a half weeks with only the contents of a small bag. What the heck was everything else and did I really need it?!

I don’t think I need to go into elaborate detail about my conclusions – this will be familiar to most people! Bottles of nearly empty lotions and potions that were never thrown away when something newer and more interesting came along, the remainder of gift sets from Christmas or birthdays, things that were bought for one use and were never useful again, etc etc.

Naturally, this led to a fairly major cull – I reckon I’ve kept about a third of the total items, and within that I’ve kept a travel washbag already stocked so that it can just be grabbed and taken on trips.

Bathrooms are a great place for declutterers to get stuck in – how is yours looking?!