Day 76 – Working Lunch

by Dan


One of the things I did right back in the early days of this project was to commit to making my lunch each day rather than splashing out on pricey London fare. This had the desired effect of reigning in my finances a bit and I reckon I save over £100 a month now. The only problem with that though is that sandwiches can get a bit boring after a while. After a sandwich-free holiday the thought of buttering bread again wasn’t so pleasant.

So today I decided to give some proper thought to some simple, cheap, easy lunches that were slightly more interesting than sandwiches. For the culinary gods and goddesses among you this is going to sound like a caveman explaining to an engineer how the wheel works, but bear with me. We each have our areas of expertise and simple, cheap lunches certainly isn’t mine!

What I’ve come up with for this week is pasta salad. Not gastronomic genius but more interesting than sandwiches! I bought a 1kg bag of pasta, some French dressing and diced chorizo especially for the purpose, and I’ll use some spinach and cherry tomatoes that we bought to go with some dinners, and anything else that needs using up during the week. It will work out at about £1 per day cost-wise which is equivalent to sandwiches, and I can mix up the ingredients to keep it interesting. For future weeks I can add different things, and even swap pasta for rice or potato.

The only drawback that I could foresee is that boiling pasta each day would make it more of a chore than making sandwiches, so I have boiled up enough for 3 days, cooled it and stirred in some of the French dressing to keep it separated. We’ll see how it goes, but if it works then it should be nice and easy. I told you that this wasn’t the heights of gastronomy but I am looking forward to lunch tomorrow for a change!