Day 77 – A Less Encumbered Commute

by Dan


Firstly a short update on successes on my first day back at work. I only returned to 433 emails which is less than half the amount I would normally find waiting for me after a two-and-a-half-week break. The measures I took before leaving really did the trick. Also lunch today was really tasty, and tomorrow’s was prepared in less time than it takes to make a sandwich. I needed that lunch after wading through the 433 emails!

So what have I simplified today?

I have a business laptop. It weighs over 5lbs. I commute to the office each day, a combination of an hour on the train and half an hour walking each way. The office is all “hot desking” so I use the laptop all the time. So, I carry the laptop to and from the office each day so that I can use it during the day, and have it at home in the evening in case I need it, or in case I can’t get into the office due to train problems. It was bugging me that, on most days, I cart the laptop home in the evening and cart it back again the next day without using it. It is heavy and annoying to carry. I also have a company Blackberry, so I can keep up with emails on that, 24/7. So, even when i need to work, i have that option. I asked myself the question “how often have I actually needed my laptop in the evenings for something I couldn’t do on my Blackberry?”. The answer – not that often. Next question “if I left the laptop in the office each night rather than drag it home, what is the risk that I would face a big issue?” Answer – could definitely happen on a rare occasion that a file i had was critical for someone else, but it is very unlikely to be the end of the world.

There is nothing like running a pilot to test a new idea, so today I left the laptop at the office and will aim to do so each evening this week. If all goes well I’ll continue with it. The real benefit will come if I can downsize the bag I carry on my commute and look more like a businessman than a pack horse!