Day 78 – Making the Office Less Mobile

by Dan


Buoyed by yesterday’s decision not to cart my laptop around unnecessarily, I decided to have a further look at what I lug to London and back everyday and challenge how much of it is necessary.

Recently I have found myself looking on with envy at commuters swaggering into work carrying nothing more than a newspaper. I guess they are lucky in that their entire working life is contained within the office – it begins each day when they arrive, and ends when they leave. Due to the nature of my work I don’t really have that luxury so it would be a step to far to aim for that level of unencumberedness (great word!), but there must be room for vast improvement.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I transport an awful lot of stuff around each day – it really is a mobile office. I could get a train to anywhere in the country, and provided I could get a power socket after a couple of hours, I could literally work from anywhere. This is a legacy from previous roles where I worked in a range of locations, and it was necessary to be very mobile. Transporting it all was easier too because I travelled by car. I still do travel a bit but it is far more infrequently in my current role. I spend most of my time in one location now, so it would be much better to cut down on the kit transportation between home and the office. In the bag, in addition to the laptop, there were pens, pencils, ink, business cards, mobile connectivity devices, remote clicker for presentations, headphones, files etc. These items have now been taken out of the bag and housed either in the office or at home, depending on where is most relevant.

The essential stuff is now rattling around in my oversized bag so I will downsize that tomorrow!