Day 79 – Luggage Downsize

by Dan


Following on from the last two days of tackling my commute, today I downsized the bag that I carry. I’ve gone from a big draggy roller bag thing to a light rucksack. It was like walking on air.

Interestingly, I got to thinking that I used to carry a rucksack to work (albeit containing a lot more stuff than it does now) and somewhere along the line decided that a giant mobile-home of a bag would be did that happen?! I remembered that it was as a solution to a problem that I had, and in hindsight it was a very inelegant solution (see previous post on elegant solutions).

I’d injured my leg running, and commuting 3 miles a day on foot either side of a train ride carrying a heavy backpack was making it worse. My solution was to get a big rolling bag that I could drag along to take the weight off my body. This did have the desired effect, but created its own problems – dragging that thing was a pain for me and those who nearly tripped over it. The elegant solution would have been to reduce the weight of my backpack by taking the measures that I have this week – not transporting stuff too and fro just to take it for a ride.

We live and learn I guess, and it was a good lesson on looking for the elegant solution to a problem, and relentlessly challenging things that you have always done that are making life more complicated than it needs to be.