Day 83 – Audible

by Dan


I love audiobooks. They are a great way to learn, motivate, inspire yourself without using your eyes. This is a huge bonus if you spend all day looking at a computer screen.

Audible is a website that has a huge library of audiobooks, and has various buying and subscription options depending on your consumption rate. I’ve used it for a while, downloading the books into iTunes so they can be enjoyed on my mp3 player. There is a .com and a site, depending on where you reside. As an Amazon company, you know that it is as slick as a mafia dons hairdo.

Recently they’ve added a mobile app which allows you to download any book that you have previously purchased, directly onto your mobile device, without needing to go via iTunes etc.

Today I’ve added the Audible app to my iPad so that my substantial library of audiobooks is available alongside my Kindle books and Spotify tunes – making it a one stop shop for learning and entertainment!