Day 85 – Take Away Take-Away

by Dan


Hanging out of my letterbox today was a new leaflet from one of the big chain pizza companies. Now I have to say that on occasion, for a treat, I do love a good take-away. And when I do have one, I like to use the money saving vouchers that come with the hand delivered menus. Discounts of 30-50% are common so well worth having.

So, when these new menus and offers arrive, I pop them in a drawer so they are ready for the next time we fancy a naughty meal. When I went to put today’s new menu in the drawer however, I noticed that throwing away any old ones wasn’t a strength of ours. We had several for the same company, with many containing expired offers. So I sifted through, kept only one recent one from each company, and binned any others with expired offers. Additionally a new commitment has been made to throw away the previous menu when a new one arrives.

Does anyone else really fancy pizza now?!