Day 87 – Process Streamlining

by Dan


I’ve found it interesting that not that many of my daily simplifications have been directly related to my job. I have however built my team and processes from the ground up so I guess I must have done a decent job of building them in a simple way, and entropy hasn’t had a lot of time to undo the good work. If you look hard enough, there is always something that can be simplified, and an opportunity presented itself today.

I paid a visit to one of our stakeholders within the business, and discovered that they run a tracking system that is essentially a duplication of one owned and managed by my team. We log work, hand off to them, they log and execute the task and then update us when complete. We had a chat and identified a way that we can give them access to our system and remove the need for theirs. This will also mean that our records are updated directly, by them, removing the need for us to request and input updates. A classic win-win!