Day 94 – Ship Shape Shopping

by Dan


It recently struck me how often I get home from a trip to the supermarket and realise that I’d forgotten to take or use some discount vouchers that I had picked up on my previous visit. Money off coupons, or loyalty point bonuses are all worth having, but I didn’t have an effective way to keep hold of them in a way that would make it obvious and easy for me to use next time. Carrying them around in my wallet would undo all the good work of the first week of this project, and storing them in a draw or on a sideboard would mean cluttering up the place or rendering them out of sight and out of mind.

Today I have implemented what I believe to be quite an elegant solution to the problem. I’ve bought a “combi-board” which is half dry-wipe board and half pin board (£7.99 in Staples for those in the UK). Items for the shopping list can be written at the top, and coupons can be pinned to the bottom. On shopping day, I just need to take a picture of the list with my smart phone, and pick up and relevant coupons from the pin board.

An alternative would be a magnetic whiteboard, so you can use magnets to attach coupons to the board, but this is more expensive (c.£25)

The added bonus of this method is that there is also less chance of me forgetting what to buy. Quite pleased with this one!