Day 95 – Sweet Upcycling

by Dan


Day 95’s Daily Act of Simplification was the product of synchronicity. On Day 92 I used the Subtraction Exercise to get my living room into good order. However, there was one item out of my eyeline that I missed – a large chocolate tin on the windowsill which contained only a handful of uneaten chocolates. It’s amazing the things you walk past everyday and don’t notice!

The other side of this equation was that my wife was baking some cupcakes for a party. There were more cakes than there were spaces in the party container. Great – some for us! However, we couldn’t find a container to keep the spares in. We used to have plenty, but they seem to have a teaspoon-like habit of disappearing!

Those two events, coupled by an article I read on the same day by my friend at Eco Thrifty Living on upcycling (a word I hadn’t heard before), meant that today the chocolate tin became a cake tin. I have been aware of that fact that a lot of stuff I have subtracted from my life has ended up in the bin, and wondered if I ought to be more eco-conscious about this, and this article contains some great ideas.

Living room tidier, cakes saved, delicious!