Day 97 – App Cleanup

by Dan


I have been pretty good lately at not downloading every app under the sun onto my iPad. I have a core few apps that I use regularly, and rarely feel the need to add any. Since I wrote about the red tagging exercise way back when, I’ve kept a page on my iPad to store those apps that I haven’t used for a while, but as they have data stored within them, I felt safer keeping for a while to ensure they continued to be unneeded. Today I scrolled to that page, confirmed that the apps hadn’t been used for months, and deleted them all.

This “red tagging” process is one that I am finding particularly effective. Allowing my least worn clothes to collect at one end of my wardrobe is another variant in this theme. It’s a great way to sift through those things that you feel you don’t need, but aren’t quite ready to part company with immediately.