Day 99 – Socks On Socks Off

by Dan


One thing has been bugging me about my morning routine for a while, but an elegant solution has yet to present itself.

There is a gym in my office building, and I like to get to work really early and have a good workout to start my day. However, as I wear a suit at work, I have found the only effective way to transport it on my commute is to wear it. There’s nowhere to store it in the office overnight, and to carry it would mean a lot more luggage. This means I have to dress fully for work at home, change out of my suit, into my gym kit, out of my gym kit, and back into my suit. My morning would be a lot more streamlined if I could commute in my gym kit.

I still don’t have an answer to the overall problem, but inspired by my piece on marginal gains the other day, I have decided that I can commute in my gym socks. I am wearing a pair and carrying a pair either way, so its an effective swap. This is only a very small step, but it is definitely in the right direction. It may only save me a few seconds, but when added to all of the other seconds I have saved over the last 99 days, it is another small part in a very big improvement process!