#102 – Unencumbered Commute Part 4

by Dan


Days 77-79 of the Daily Acts of Simplification focused on making my commute less encumbered, starting with the decision on Day 77 to leave my business laptop in the office overnight when I know I’ll be back in that location the next day. I badged it as a pilot, and I would say it partly worked. Where it didn’t work was where I didn’t have many consecutive days in the same location (I have worked from home a couple of days during the Olympics to reduce travel chaos) or when I needed to use the laptop overnight (this only happened once but was a pain).

So I now have a better solution. A quiet word with my good friends in IT and I now have a desktop PC in the office, so my laptop can stay at home. It took a bit of work to organise my files so that the important ones were available from different machines, but I got there. That laptop need not go to London again!