Book Review – “The Simple Way” by Simon Tyler

by Dan


A colleague who read my blog recommended this book to me, as she had read it previously and thought it was very relevant. From the title alone I knew i had to read it, so I downloaded the Kindle version and read it immediately. In the introduction, Simon recommends dipping into relevant chapters, or taking one per week, but I am afraid I flouted that rule and read it cover to cover over the last three days!

As you may know, I spent 100 days making my life 100 things more simple with a do-first, think-later mindset. In recent days I’ve written about some of the learnings from those 100 days. As a result, as I began reading this book, I found myself nodding in agreement with just about everything Simon wrote. This is a book born out of years of practical experience with real people, and as such contains real wisdom packaged up in easily digested chunks. So this is why I just read my way all the way through it, violently agreeing with it all and reflecting on how I had discovered similar things over recent months.

To me, The Simple Way is first and foremost a book about success. It just so happens that a large part of being successful comes from the ability to make things simple. Topics such as goal achievement, time management, productivity etc are all here, presented in a way that you may find more helpful than some other, more lengthy texts.

The book is organised into 53 “Simple Notes” which are 2-4 page nuggets, each starting with an inspirational quote, and going on to challenging you to consider how this wisdom can be applied to your situation. There is a very handy grid at the beginning of the book which allows you to dip straight into any areas where you need immediate help. I would agree that the way to get most value out of the book would be to take each note one at a time, and consider and apply the learning before moving on. Theory without action is pointless right? However for the interested reader, it is still very powerful to read through and challenge yourself along the way when inevitably the words will expose something that you know you need to work on.

The other thing I really liked was how Simon references his sources all the way through. As the notes are short, it would be impossible to cover the underlying inspiration in detail, but the references allow the inquisitive to look them up and explore further as your interest takes you. I was pleased to see that we also have common sources of inspiration – where I see similar things many times, I see underlying truth and reinforcement of wisdom that I hold dear.

If you are following and enjoying this blog, then I would thoroughly recommend checking out The Simple Way!