by Dan

Since reinstating my daily reminder entitled “Daily Act of Simplification”, I am pleased to report that the simplifying process has gathered renewed momentum. I don’t think any of the individual improvements have been particularly ground breaking, but the cumulative effect is one of increasing satisfaction. Discarding unworn clothes, rearranging the kitchen, clearing the last of the ‘unpacking pile’ from when we moved into our house, selling a load of camera equipment – all pretty easy stuff but its made a big difference. And so we continue! Upcoming planned activities include using an online service to turn stacks of old CDs and DVDs into a little bit of cash and, more importantly, more space. Do I really need the Best of Bananarama on CD?? Do I need CD’s at all? Hmm…

I am also currently reading “The Laws of Subtraction” by Matthew E May, a book that I’ve been waiting for which has finally been released. Once I’ve finished it I’ll do a review…needless to say it will be a good review, I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far!